The modern trends in architectural powder coating

“Hro” means skin. The old painters said that the color of the earth resembled human skin and so they used it as a material to feel the resemblance, and this color was called ochre with anagrams.”, Tasis Papaioannou, “Architecture and color”

Color in architectural aluminum systems protects, decorates and aesthetically enhances the structure, offering unlimited color possibilities. Possibilities not offered by other materials.

On average in Greece and Cyprus we enjoy 250 days of sunshine per year, which is the most important reason for the existence of the long tourist season, which has been significantly lengthened in recent years.

Both Cyprus and Greece are popular destinations worldwide, both for the islands, the picturesque landscapes, the rich history, the warm hospitality of the people, as well as for the increased sunshine which creates a warm and pleasant climate. At the same time, however, the increased sunshine wears away the colour of the aluminium systems, just as it wears away human skin.

Given the gradation of the intensity of solar radiation, it is necessary to use a different colour grade in each area to achieve good resistance to natural ageing. In Central and Northern Europe it is sufficient to use a single colour with a high degree of resistance. In the Mediterranean region, however, due to the very high intensity of radiation, the use of ultra-resistant paint is required for optimum results.

Categories & classes of architectural powder coatings

In Europe and the Mediterranean, 2 categories of powder coatings are used, certified by the Qualicoat certification body:

  • Class 1 Simple durability powder paints
  • Class 2 Ultra-resistant powder coatings

Super-resistant powder coatings have a resistance to natural ageing at least three times greater than that of single-resistant powder coatings. In the Class 2 ultra-resistant powder coatings categories we have:

  • Super-resistant special effects
  • Super-resistant RAL with sandblasted surface texture

Basic applications of powder paints in tourist buildings

The main applications of powder coatings in hotels, shopping centres, museums, shops and restaurants are on aluminium doors and windows, facades, patios, pergolas, railings and garage doors.

The main reasons that painting a hotel’s architectural aluminium systems is a demanding application are:

  • The high construction value
  • The requirement for high aesthetics. The high cost of the building is the high value of the building
  • The requirement for resistance of the paint to solar radiation
  • The requirement for protection against damage to the surface of the paint from heavy use
  • The impossibility of repainting

By choosing super-resistant powder paints with a sandblasted surface texture we achieve:

  • Long-term retention of shade & aesthetics
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Maintained durability and durability of the building
  • High resistance to damage from impact, etching and abrasion

It is therefore evident that the use of super-resistant powder coatings is a one-way street for high demanding projects where high resistance to solar radiation is desirable.

Such projects are hotel complexes whose top aesthetics are an integral part of their value, which must remain as unaltered as possible by exogenous environmental factors.