What do we mean by “frame”

The term “framing” refers to the frame, sheet, glazing (glass), rollers, shutters and fittings used to hermetically seal (hood) an opening in the wall of a building.

The purpose of the frame is to protect the interior of the building from outside intrusion, insulate it from sound, moisture and negative temperature levels, while allowing access and surveillance of the exterior and interior to building occupants.

Considering what we install frames for, you will easily understand why aluminium is your best choice.

Why choose aluminium frames

  • Aluminium is a metal with low weight but excellent resistance to corrosion, weathering and weathering.
  • It is one of the most ecological construction materials as it is fully recyclable, protecting both our planet and our children’s future.
  • It is characterized by high levels of mechanical and structural strength and an excellent resistance/weight ratio , a feature of great importance to the window industry, as it determines how robust and secure it is, both against tampering and in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. And under normal conditions, aluminium is almost impossible to crack, swell or deform, despite the passage of time, and the maintenance it requires is minimal.
  • It is not flammable and, even if it is left for a long time at high temperatures, it does not emit gases toxic to the human body. Therefore, it is the best choice for buildings and business premises that house flammable materials, or for homes in areas with an increased risk of fire (forest areas, industrial zones, etc.).
  • It is available in an endless number of colours and textures and can be coated with finishes imitating other materials, such as wood. Therefore, it can be combined with exterior and interior spaces in any contemporary or retro style of decoration. Note also that in modern frames of advanced specifications, the paint further enhances their insulating properties.
  • They are functional, comfortable to use due to their low weight, while at the same time they shield the space for many years, as their contraction and expansion levels are very low. As a result, they have excellent insulating properties, both in terms of heat, cooling, and humidity, as well as sound.
  • Finally, there is the matter of flexibility: due to its unique structural composition, this metal has tremendous adaptability and flexibility, enabling manufacturers to configure it into very specific designs and elaborate systems that are limited only by the owner’s budget.

Source: profil.net