Hinged Aluminium Windows and Doors

Systems suitable for covering small or medium openings, with high requirements for thermal insulation, sound insulation and tightness. They are usually used to create entrance doors or utility doors, as well as to ventilate spaces. A necessary condition for them to work is the existence of a “clean” operating space!

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Sliding Aluminium Windows and Doors

Systems suitable for covering large or very large openings, high functionality, practicality and aesthetics with the possibility of top thermal insulation, sound insulation and tightness characteristics, since modern systems offer great development performance. Create open plan spaces, of high aesthetics, with a variety of typologies, flexibility and the possibility of corner constructions, even without meeting profiles!

Folding Aluminium Windows and Doors

Systems for the creation of the ultimate open-space areas! Suitable for large and very large openings, folding aluminum systems offer an absolute sense of freedom of movement and ease of access, without lacking aesthetics and high performance of thermal insulation, sound insulation and tightness.

Curtain Wall SYSTEMS

The use of Curtain Wall systems mainly concerns the exterior facade of large buildings; however they can also be used in residential projects, covering small or large surfaces where a “glassy” appearance is required. Modern curtain wall systems require little to no maintenance, create a uniform, glassy effect that reflects the surrounding environment while working harmoniously with any type of door or window. We have extensive experience in the fabrication and installation of various Curtain Wall Systems therefore we can offer valuable solutions, for any project!

Entrance Doors

Entrance door is perhaps one of the most important architectural elements, since it demonstrates the architectural identity of the building, while it should not lack of safety, functionality, aesthetics and design. ALOUMINORAMA has a multitude of solutions and options for every project and budget. Simple single leaf doors, with extended security, coaxial (pivot) doors in various typologies and with a variety of options in terms of exterior decoration materials.

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Shading Systems

Getting protection from the sun and weather conditions is becoming more and more imperative, especially in modern architectural designs, where shading systems are an integral decorative part of the project. Our company offers various shading systems and solutions, with fixed or mobile blinds, horizontal or vertical arrangement as well as louvres (blinds) and rolling shutters. External shading systems, in addition to the obvious, also upgrade safety, improving the overall feeling of living.

Interior Constructions & Shower Cabins

Wide and complete range of products and solutions for every need, with minimal and sophisticated aesthetics, high quality and strict production processes to ensure product reliability and functionality.


Complementary Products

Anything that can be related to aluminum and glass constructions and is required to complete a project, belongs to our company’s field of action! Glass balustrades with an aluminium base, interior doors, masonry cladding, partitions or decorative elements, glass doors and sanitary cabins are some of the solutions that our company can provide.

Bioclimatic Pergola

The outdoor area of every house receives lots of solar radiation throughout the year. Choosing the right spot to be able to enjoy the outdoor space of the house can be a real problem since it requires the creation of shade and protection from the rest of the weather conditions in general (rain, wind, etc.). ALOUMINORAMA Bioclimatic Pergola has a multitude of applications and typologies, satisfying every requirement and need. There are many options such as fixed aluminum louvres, motorized, movable louvres, as well as solutions with polycarbonate material for a more modern approach.